Imagine if you can step away from the bustle and sit with your mother under a mango tree. Your senses get tantalized by the smell of earth, the whisper of trees, the sight of squirrels and your conversation gets you transported back to the days of your extraordinary journey, a one of its kind. All amidst muted tones and shades of greens with wooden details, a soft tonal scene of a space.

This space is our haven.

Our mother planted this mango tree in our backyard when we were little. Years have passed, yet many things remain unchanged. This space instills appreciation in a way that isn’t just about recalling events but also how they make us feel connected. The way we woke up to the sound of chirping birds every morning. The way we got ecstatic when there was a sudden spell of rain and we jumped in muddy puddles and made paper boats. The way we mimicked birds, dug out earthworms, chased ducks and fed rabbits. The way we ran barefoot and the way everything around us seemed uncomplicated. There is this different energy and aliveness here, the magic and mayhem of this space that can still be felt.

Growing up, we’ve come across layers of personal intricacies and these found nuances are the most telling of our transformations. The way we have altered our backyard to house our store that has allowed a window for adaptation and reinterpretation – a type of space that reflects our transient lifestyles.

We have vivid memories from our childhood and our mother’s absolute devotion to our home is our constant source of inspiration. Undoubtedly, she’s a storm in its perfect strength; Strong, intense, unpretentious. Reminiscing through this journey with her, we realize that the eternal bond we share signifies purity in all its expressions.

Today, we love to be a reflection of her and at Ira, we curate a collection that is an instinctive reflection of her everyday living. Watching her is an everyday form of art- be it the simplicity of a daytime saree or the extravagance of an evening one – the way she looks effortlessly chic with her impeccable style and her contagious smile. She’s magic.

– Sudha & Suganya